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    I'll go through my general setup so you know the situation, I record three guitars with Guitar Rig 4, a bass, Addictive Drummer and sometimes another guitar or a vocal track. So only 4-6 tracks, at the most 8, and when recording I have open the CPU usage monitor. While recording and jamming, the...
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    The same way cell phones are handled: What the fuck?
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    Last 7 days: I don't check this very often (because I kind of don't give a crap) but historically it's always been FF at the top.
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    Wirelessly posted I've just installed an SSD into my 2010 MacBook Pro tonight and all was going well. But I've just tried to open up Virtual DJ Home on it to have a play around with a few songs and the CPU meter is basically maxed out (it never used to get above ~30% before. Is there something...
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    The number you have called, 555-5555, is not available at this time. To leave a message, please begin speaking at the tone. To send a text message, press 1. To send a fax, press 2. To numerically page this user, press 3. Otherwise, please leave your message after the tone. stops paraphrasing...
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    Handbrake has some.