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    I got the Black Winter set figuring it would be alright with my synclair sinclair synclear or however you spell it. Anyway the strings are way off so I guess TB version here I come.
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    Here's a Steve Vai tune I recorded a few weeks ago for a bit of fun. It's rough, but I like it... Happy New Year to you all when it comes, may 2014 be filled with crap for all of you. :D
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    ... because apparently all of us PC gamers are nothing but pirates that need to learn our lessons :facepalm: GTA 5 Petition Asks Rockstar Not To Make A PC Version
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    Production BMW i8 finally unveiled - BBC Top Gear High-performance, lightweight hybrid sports car. Looks pricey. I expect to see a dozen driving around NYC by about six months after the US launch.
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    Classic - G12 Century Vintage - Celestion - Guitar, Bass & Pro Audio Speakers Wonder how it sounds. 3.5 pounds instead of 10.
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    FAS Download: MG Mirror: - Patch Library - Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 10
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    Queensrÿche - Redemption (track video) - YouTube
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    :yesway: via the mesh forunz
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    I've heard a million versions, but to me this one has always stood out above the rest. It was hard to find; I've actually got the, but can never find this on youtube or any other places.
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    tldr; the system stores stuff for itself, leave you with about 2-3 Gigs of space. Standard 8GB Wii U has 3GB space after mandatory installations | VG247 Either have your own storage plugged into it or get the 32GB version.
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    Enjoy! Videozone
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    Nook version of War and Peace turns the word "kindled" into "Nookd" Nook version of War and Peace turns the word "kindled" into "Nookd" | Ars Technica :lol: Awesome.
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    And so far I'm much happier :agreed: I really do enjoy the carbon fibre max grip Jazz III, amazing pick, but a friend left his XL Jazz III round my house the other day. I picked it up and it just felt right. I haven't picked up any of the little ones since.
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    This is awesome. The guy's just as good as Steve Morse at getting tons of different tones out of just the guitar and a dimed valve amp.
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    ...has been placed in my hometown, the metropolis of Upplands Väsby. Win of fail? Pretty spot on regardless, if you ask me :lol: Hoping that they will do exterior shots there as well, preferably from this lovely industrial area: Infra city, Upplands Väsby, Sverige - Google Maps
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    I've kinda fallen in love with reading on a Kindle, having borrowed my mom's Kindle for the China trip. And carrying around the iPad and the Kindle is still lighter than a laptop, so it doesn't bother me. Anyway, I think I want the Kindle Touch for $100, and I know that it has special offer ads...
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    Axe-Edit Software Editor for the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx Guitar Processor The (awesome sounding) Brit JVM model is now selectable, which I assume was the main reason for this release.