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  1. General Music Discussion
    We're still doing pre-production for our upcoming EP but we just finished this track and we're all pretty happy with it. He was supposed to be our original vocalist but things didn't work out and now 4 years later we're working together. Still have some mixing to do on this but it's presentable...
  2. Member Introductions
    Hey guys. I play guitar a bit, but I'm primarily a vocalist. I am in search of an awesome guitarist to work with. Bands that I am into: Monuments, Periphery, Volumes, Northlane, various deathcore, etc I am a tenor, and I can do pretty much anything from post hardcore stuff to Judas Priest. Being...
  3. General Music Discussion
    Recorded a cover of this good ol asskicker, featuring Philip Forsell (Tritillion/Antham) on guest vocals! One of the absolute best mid-range singers around in my neighborhoods, or maybe in Sweden. :metal:
  4. General Music Discussion
  5. Musician Classifieds
    I've had an album pretty much ready to go for my band Fireland for a few years now, but my main band Stormzone has been keeping me busy the past few years. What I need is someone who can record their own vocals... a few of the tracks have vocals written already but the majority still need them...
  6. Musician Classifieds
    Currently looking for a vocalist for our project "Ship of Theseus". We've released one demo track called "Don" and a second track will follow within the next couple of weeks. We hope that these two tracks will help find a vocalist and therefore allowing us to release the EP with all 5 tracks...
  7. Musician Classifieds
    Hi, i specialize in doing death/black metal vocals and im ITCHING to do vocals for an online death or black metal band. My Death growls: Simple File Sharing and Storage. ... atiion.wav And my Black metal vocals: Simple File Sharing and Storage. ... nation.wav If youre interested either...
  8. Musician Classifieds
    The title is pretty much self explanatory, haha. I'm a vocalist searching for an online metal band to do vocals to, preferably death or black metal. For the local bands that are interested, I live in Skagit/Snohomish county in Washington state. Here's...
  9. Music: Recording Studio
    Anyone able to do cookie cutter (Winds of Creation Decapitated) death metal vocals and have the desire to write lyrics for 5 tracks? Finally started getting the drum patterns sounding decent on a song for an EP I'm doing. Not a finished product as I'm still messing around with guitar and bass...
  10. Musician Classifieds
    What we have is me (drums), two guitarists, and a bassist, playing a mix of melodic thrash and classic metal. If it's amped up and angry, we're going for it. Think Grip Inc meets Exodus. We need a singer. I'm in Dayton OH. The rest of the guys are in Cinci. Currently we're rehearsing in...
  11. Musician Classifieds
    Looking for a black metal drummer with death metal influence, and deathgrind, tech death influence speeds are 280-300bpm I am a guitarist/vocalist/bassist. I have a full 5 songs written, working on the album. Anyone interested please contact me. Thanks -Phil
  12. General Music Discussion
  13. General Music Discussion
    This is pretty ironic considering every time i've seen them live he was stoned out of his mind. The Red Chord's Guy Kozowyk is a Police Officer Now | MetalSucks
  14. Musician Classifieds
    Currently looking for a vocalist, especially interested in someone of the female variety. I would like to hear the contrast that puts on the music I write. Got a full band almost ready to go(sans vocalist of course), however my drummer had an injury to his right arm and has a bit of time before...
  15. Musician Classifieds
    Hey guys, I'm currently working on releasing an album this year and I need a vocalist. I'm looking for an individual who has their own microphone and recording equipment and who can write catchy lyrics and phrases and send them to me in a decently fast manner. The type of vocals I am looking for...
  16. General Music Discussion
    Bought their new album a couple of days ago. I've been hammering it. If you've heard these guys before and written them off as Meshuggah-lite, or just another band with someone doing bad screaming vocals over one/two note riffs, you may want to check out their new album, Mnemesis. There's still...
1-20 of 33 Results