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  1. General Music Discussion
    I swear, this video is a Treasure. For those who don't know it was Paul O' Neil's dream for Savatage and TSO music to be performed like this whenever he could. 20 Singers, 4 Guitarists, 2 Bassists, 2 Drummers, 4 Keyboardists and a Orchestra. Yes. There are two separate stages with two...
  2. General Music Discussion
    I've never really paid attention to this band before, save for the fact that Floor can sing her ass off. This is fantastic and IMO well worth the 10 minute watch. :metal:
  3. General Music Discussion
    This is all sorts of badass. :metal:
  4. General Music Discussion
    This hasn't been posted in a few, and is always worth a re-watch. Plus, now Donnie and I have a thread to bump. One of the best frontmen in metal right now IMO. What a performer. :metal:
  5. General Music Discussion
    In case anyone is interested in watching it: Wacken Open Air - Social Media Wall ACCEPT & ORCHESTER are playing now and its sounding great!
  6. General Music Discussion
    They play "Another Way (The Wake of Magellan)" featuring Russell Allen on vocals. Zak Stevens sounds amazing and it great to see Pitrelli really rip leads too. So if you guys are not familiar of what had occurred: Savatage and The Trans-Siberian had the exact same performance. Featuring 24...
  7. General Music Discussion
    DT is a band that I really didn't cared at all when they were on their prime, only recently I have been listening to their albums and enjoying them, although I still dont completely enjoy the vocals: As part of curiosity I searched for their performance on Wacken and WTF is Labrie singing? It...
  8. General Music Discussion
    W:O:A - Wacken Open Air : W:O:A 2015 This is EPIC! Al Pitrelli has talked recently about incorporating more Savatage into TSO but now we are just getting a reunion right after TSO plays at Wacken! Gnarly!
  9. General Music Discussion
    This may be a repost, but who cares? Thrash! :hbang:
  10. General Music Discussion
  11. General Music Discussion
    ...on German TV: Circle II Circle beim W:O:A 2012 | - Unterhaltung - Musik & Konzerte - Wacken Open Air - W:O:A 2012
  12. General Music Discussion
    7DT! :metal:
  13. General Music Discussion
  14. General Music Discussion
    That's quite the stage setup. :eek:
  15. General Music Discussion
  16. General Music Discussion
    Metal total - Wacken im Videostream | - Unterhaltung - Musik & Konzerte - Wacken Open Air They're just starting, in the middle of the first song.
  17. General Music Discussion
    Just picked up this DVD on Sunday. Holy shit! The live version of Heaven & Hell is probably the best one yet. The whole band jam in the middle is sweet (and totally beats the 5 minute Iommi-only solo on the older versions on previous live albums).. Plus, Dio is ridiculous on it. "Fuck off...
  18. General Music Discussion
    I recorded this off my new little Xacti camera. Not to bad. Youtube tore a lot of the bass out of the recording. I've got a ton of photos and other vids of Wacken, but I wanted to get this one up. I've got a few of Testament, Machine Head and a few others.
  19. Metal News Feeds
    LACUNA COIL have posted the video "Our Truth (Live At Wacken 2007)" to give fans a first look at the band's upcoming first official DVD release, Visual Karma (Body, Mind and Soul). More...
1-20 of 21 Results