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    So my brother ended up buying a ton of garage related shit from some dude on Craigslist. And he had a 10' track of "Gladiator" garage system track that he just gave to my brother. Well I was planning on doing this for a while now, so I got the track for free, and just went out and bought the...
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    Need one or two. I'm purchasing things at Musician's Friend to make myself feel better. I have one "Off the Wall" hangar which I think is of significant quality and was ~$15. I'd like one that will properly accommodate 7-string necks and that I can trust to hold an expensive instrument when...
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    Protect taxpayers from Wall Street risk -
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    My drummer lent me two of their albums and they totally rock. It's like middle eastern and Indian-influenced psychedelic progressive rock. I'm sure a lot of folks won't like it, but I think it's pretty sweet.
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    Roger Waters Announces 30th Anniversary Tour for 'The Wall' : Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily
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    Counter-Strike 'wallhack' fight ends with 14cm cleaver through teenager's head | Holy shit! :nuts:
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    i thoroughly enjoyed this. thought i'd share
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    beth & i have just ordered some KRK rokit 5s for home (courtesy of her family for her 21st last weekend). with the home set-up like this: we're looking at having to wall mount, most probably. is anyone aware of whether that will raise any issues with sound? are there particularly good wall...