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  1. Guitar: Pickups Discussion
    So I've got a Fender American HH Stratocaster, with the usual Alder Body, Maple Neck, and Rosewood fretboard. It came equipped with these Fender branded "Sidewinder" and "Black Cobra" humbuckers, which sounds OK. I'm thinking of picking up a new set of pickups and obviously the options are...
  2. Music: Recording Studio
    I was about to begin recording session drums for a metal band called Silverbones today, and in a couple of days I will also record drums for my 2 new Rocka Rollas albums as well! Here's a little warmup before I started recording :flex:
  3. Science 101 with Leon
    If you're 27 or younger, you've never experienced a colder-than-average month | Grist
  4. Science 101 with Leon
    Global Warming: "Humans Are Almost Entirely the Cause" | Mother Jones This is pretty interesting mostly because the guy who did the research started of skeptical of global warming.
  5. Guitar: Theory & Playing
    I've spent the last few months trying to get my playing much more relaxed, and I can tell my picking hand is more relaxed, and i don't have all the shoulder tension i use to. But, my fret hand tendons in the wrist, sometimes get to feeling tight when I'm playing fast and intricate stuff. It...
1-5 of 12 Results