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  1. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
    I have no idea why I would bother with any other locking tuners on the market, when Planet Waves Autotrims exist. :hbang:
  2. Music: Recording Studio
    Needed to replace a few plugins I lost switching from Mac to PC. Headed over to Waves and it looks like they're running a big sale + free plugins at certain purchase points. I'm sure they do this all the time, but I got what I was looking for and paid less than what I was expecting. They gave me...
  3. Music: Recording Studio $29.99 (usually $99.99) with a $10 off coupon with code GIFT10.
  4. General Music Discussion
    Slayer and Katrina & The Waves - "Chemical Warfare (Don't It Feel Good?)" Another brilliant Mashup :cool:
  5. Music: Recording Studio
    Holy shit they fucking rock! I want a real Pultec EQ now! Anyone have one?? STL Tonality and Waves Puitec EQ in this clip.
  6. Music: Recording Studio
    Sounds interesting and it totally escaped me until it kinda showed up yesterday as a recommends video on YT. Sure there's the PRS and Waves marketing machine behind it, but it sounded good to me :)
  7. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    I like the Pure Tone output jacks that holds onto the cable with 2 more thingys than a regular output jack. BUT... Planet Waves contact point is too short, and VERY easily cuts the signal. So I have to get new cables. Just wanted to share my experience with this and make sure nobody else...
  8. Music: Recording Studio
    Currently on sale for $69 for the next few days, and I no longer have a decent tape sim at my disposal since switching to a Mac. Anyone worked with it? What's it good at? What's it less good at? What else should I look at in the sub-$100 range? I'd be looking to use it mostly as a way to warm...
  9. Science 101 with Leon
    Einstein was right. Incredible. :leon: NASA â€" What are Gravitational Waves?
  10. Music: Recording Studio
    I've had this Waves Kramer Master Tape plugin for a while and decided to give it a go on the drum bus. I don't have much experience with micing/mixing a live kit but I think I'm getting decent results. Pretty happy with what it can do overall, going to try out Slate VTM soon to see how it...
  11. Music: Recording Studio
    2015-oct-waves-monthly | I picked up CLA-Vocals for $49. I don't know if that's the going price, but it's a good deal either way for a great plugin :yesway:
  12. Music: Recording Studio
    Unfortunatley my copy of waves has stopped working with Reaper because no matter what I do it wont recognise that the waveslib.7.1.dll file is actually on my computer :scream2: The waves SSL compressor was a godsend in getting loudness and an overall big sound when I was mastering tracks and I...
  13. Music: Recording Studio
    Sweetwater's doing a sale on a couple individual plugins at Sweetwater, today only, $29 each. Bass Rider bass automation plugin CLA Drums processor LoAir subharmonic generator SuperTap delay Renaissance Reverb V-EQ4 neve clone EQ Some of these are probably more useful than others (Bass Rider...
  14. Guitar: Instrument Discussion
  15. Science 101 with Leon
    Proof of Inflationary Universe To Be Announced Today? - Homepage News - Evidence of inflation: Astronomers detect gravitational waves from the early Universe. :eek:
  16. Music: Recording Studio
    Specials | Waves Some of the bundles are pretty decent, and a few of the individual plugs are too - I've heard good things about the Bass Rider plugin, and the Renaissance Reverb is nice.
  17. Music: Recording Studio
    Just got an email this morning with some pretty excellent deals on a few plugins, including Q10 EQ, Mondomod and Supertap for $9 each: Mix Better For Less | Waves Very, very tempted to give Supertap and Mondomod a spin - been after a decent tremolo and vibrato plugin for a while now, and at $9...
  18. Music: Recording Studio
    This Black friday weekend Waves are giving away their One Knob Louder plugin for free! Pretty sweet! OneKnob Louder Free
  19. Clemenzi Music Productions
    Hey Everyone! I am getting ready to place an order with D'addario/Planet Waves. I am going to be order a bunch of the NS Mini Headstock Tuners: Planet Waves : NS Mini Headstock Tuner They usually run about $20 for a single tuner, but I am ordering the "twin pack version" for $35. The twin...
  20. General Music Discussion
    I've got such a fucked up 'relationship' (for want of a better word) with this band. I always fob them off as just another metalcore band, and always have since I first heard them. But then every now and then I see shit like this and think fuck... they're actually really good at what they do. I...
1-20 of 35 Results