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    Nothing major, you can get a free Duncan Distortion if you check out this new video I did. SPAM out...
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    What the fuck? WHAT… THE… FUCKING… FUCK…. | MetalSucks
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    Go to 1:15: "That's why you use autotune and I don't" Holy fuck, someone get this guy a beer. :lol: :lol:
  4. Guitar: Gear Discussion
  5. Guitar: Gear Discussion
    How awesome is this?
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    Can anyone help me with this? We have a user over in the states who is field based, and he has a recurring issue with his laptop. Every few weeks he goes from having 60gb+ of HDD space, to literally a few MB. This is all down to temp files ranging from 1gb to 4gb and up. I've tried googling...
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    Hey dudes. Olde Crow are some buddies of mine up here in Canada that are running a giveaway. To enter go to the facebook page, like the photo and share it. They will choose someone at random and give the little guy away. You can choose the speaker as well from WGS speakers...
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    Hello everybody! My band entered a competition to win a free professional music video. I know it really sucks being bothered to vote and such, but this one is easy. Just go to our video on youtube and click the like button if you like it! People are pissed that we did a cover, but we are...
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    Hey guys, I hate doing these kind of posts but my drummer asked if I could. He's in the finals of the Irish Zildjian Drummer Love competition, if he wins he gets a tonne of free gear which would be awesome. It's in a voting stage in the final and it's really close with only a few days left...
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    tl:dr Click. Vote. Kthx. <-- Old link. No clicky plz. ROUND 2 VOTING KTHXBYE! <-- CLICK DIS! -- Wasn't sure whether to post this here or in Off Topic, but here goes... Mazda Canada is running a contest called "Defy Convention" and it's meant to encourage people to post how they do things a...
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    After a lot of diagnosis, including bringing home a small faraday cage from work to test my setup in, the problem with my home studio noise problem is definitely EMI. I tried the Electro-Harmonix hum debugger (crap), an Isolation Transformer on the line, and Ebtech Humm-x, various circuits...
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    All it needs now is a maple fret board and monkey grip :yesway:
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    I hope they pull this off! BTW, the battery used is called the "Flux Power LifePO4" This is a brand-new, all-electric DeLorean
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  18. General Music Discussion
    So Marc Martel is this guy that has been posted here a few times: I found these videos that further prove he is an absolute beast of a vocalist.
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    The ESP Guitar Company | 2011 USA Website Why not :yesway:
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    Posting off my newly replaced iPhone 4! Apparently my other had TWO days warranty left, so I was lucky. The home button stopped Woking properly, the lock button sunk, it kept dropping calls, and didn't pick up wifi networks properly. So I went to the Apple store in Manchester since I'm here for...