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    ... for £50 :lol: So c'mon, what amp did I use in this clip (Ryan, you can't enter, because I told you the other day :lol:)
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    Win: Fail:
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    Win: Not win: DuVall is a great singer and all, but it'll always be Layne's voice that wins. And, ironically, DuVall comes off as more 'white', doesn't he? :lol: The earlier performance is angry as fuck. It's awesome.
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    Just downloaded this the other night, wasn't too sure about the targeting system, but after I thought about it, its pretty accurate. I'm sure giant mechs would all have some locking/targeting system. Gameplay is 3rd person, but looks very good, and FAST! Man the gameplay is really fast. One...
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    I woke up this morning to my wife making home made biscuits and sausage gravy! :wub: There are no pictures because I ate it all! :D :hsquid:
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    My first day off in 3 weeks. :lol: We just picked these up. :metal:
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    Christopher Walken could read the fucking phonebook and I'd be held to attention...:lol:
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    Just set one of these up today, an ESX box running v.4, tied to a DroboPro with eight 1.5TB drives, giving 8TB of space with the ability to lose 2 drives before data loss. All over iSCSI, and I can have up to four ESX boxes on the same VLAN, sharing that Drobo, while also being able to do...
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    :rant: So I got a 23" LCD today for the new rig. Got it working no problems. :yesway: Then ... I was carrying my old 22" LCD into the other room to connect it up to my old P.C. that the Mrs now uses. I put it on the table (so I thought). About a half second later, it crashes to the floor...
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    Just got Samba running on one of my Linux servers, serving up Windows shares, authenticating against the Active Directory database on my Primary Domain Controller. It was a BITCH. :lol:
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    :lol: :metal:
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    Even though Drew won't know what this is. :lol:
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    This owns. It's the cello *Bazantar! *
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    Either tomorrow or friday I will be bringing a Mark V combo home. Much more will be posted after I have it. Lots of pics and clips (though clips will be a week or so)