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'15 Indian Chief Vintage

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I WANT this bike!

My Dad rode Indians and Harleys for the NYPD from the time he got home from WWII until about '73. Presidential motorcades, Beatles motorcade once or twice, and thousands of hours just out on the roads patroling the highways of Manhattan and the Bronx. He always talked about how the Indians were the best and the Harleys pretty much sucked compared to them. Got my first ride on a NYPD Harley when I was maybe in kindergarten LOL.

I want this bike, it's like something my Dad would have ridden nearly 70 years ago. I've always been a CBR or Ninja guy, but this one just does it for me.
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That is a gorgeous-looking bike. I love the surf green and cream look.
Wirelessly posted :)dio:)

That bike is sex on two wheels.
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