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1998 Ibanez Jem 7VWH

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Description: This lovely lady is not mine, I'm selling it for a homeboy in need of some dough to make ends meet in this drek economy. It's a 1998 Ibanez Jem 7VWH like that Vai fellow uses. :yesway: It's in pretty good condition, I'd say very good, but the hardware finish isn't perfect and there are a few little chips (detailed in the photos) here and there. I cleaned & set it up. it plays and sounds fantastic, and there's minimal fretwear. It looks fantastic with a frilly shirt, also. :lol:

Modifications: N/A

Accessories: Includes UV1000C hard case, wah wah bar, manual, toolkit, etc.

Location: Portland, Oregon, USA

Contact Info: Here on, I'm on daily, or [email protected]

References: As always, Marco (Cadenhead) can vouch for my trustworthiness/sexiness.

Price: $1500/OBO + whatever shipping turns out to be.

Chip around upper cutaway.

Chip around motorist.

Chips around jack.

Chips around dip.

Chips around roulette wheel.


Anyway, Kayla* thinks you should buy this! :agreed:

*Kitteh not included
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I hate to further shit up this post, but there's a lot of awesome win in this pic:

JEM, model McLaren, scotch, gear. Win.
There's more on the shelves above: 1:18 scale Le Mans racers (Porsche 911 GT1-98, Toyota TS-020, Bentley Speed 8), a signed Ron Jeremy autograph & pic of the legend with my band, a 100+ year old Arabian Nights book, more scotch (Ardbeg Nam Beist & Uigeadial, Taliker 1998 Reserve, Glenfiddich 18), a 1:8 Ducati Desmosedici model, gin (South, Bombay Sapphire, Noilly Prat Vermouth), an Arthur Court martini glass & a Bombay Sapphire one, with olive tray and picks, (2) trem covers signed by John (pre-Manbear) Petrucci, and a pair of mint Michael Jordan Oakley Mars shades. Hey, I don't fuck around. :cool:

For that year, yes it should be an Ebony board, and Lopro - so best of all VWH features IMHO.
Yeah, exactly. I dunno what it is, I owned an original 777, and played 7VWH's before, but this particular axe is goddamn fantastic! I can't believe how good it sounds. Maybe it's just a select piece of wood, or similar mojo. All I can say is I'm glad he left with me. I'm not taking any cut to list and sell the thing for him. Frankly, he's crazy for getting rid of it... but he wants a (particular) S, as he's a big fan of the thin body. Given that it's just sitting there, I'm gonna put some different strings on it and use it to multisample all my lead sounds for my guitar VSTi over the next few weeks.
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Steve also approves. :agreed: Also, as you can see, he approves of the Jem. :yesway:
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