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Hails to thee Metal Guitarist-ists?

Been looking to add a 2nd cabinet to my setup and wanted to get some input in getting this correct in terms of making sure it's primed.

I have a Mesa Mini Rectifer 25 going out at 4 ohms to a Hartke GH 412 at 4 ohms in mono...

But would love to add a 2nd cabinet, since I can push 2 outputs (1 at 4 ohms from the Mesa to the Hartke at 4 ohms in mono and a 2nd at 8 ohms to the Marshall read on), so if I were to get a 2nd cabinet...

And I'm looking at a Marshall MX412B 240W 4x12 as my 2nd cabinet, which (and correct me if I'm wrong) could take that 2nd output from the Mesa at 8 ohms, and run into the Marhsall at 16 ohms in parallel, CORRECT?

Please let me know if that is right, or if I'm too high and drunk to really understand everything I'm looking at right now.

Would really appreciate all your input and advice, before I blackout and spend too much money.

All hail the lords of amplification!

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