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Hi all,

I own an Ampeg VH140C, and just picked up an empty 2x12 cab to add as an extension to the already existing 2x12 combo.

This cab has a built-in stereo chorus, and therefore has two power outs on both the chorus and dry signal channels. Each speaker in the cab is run with its own separate 1/4" speaker cable for use of the stereo chorus. My question is this: If I'm to plug each speaker into each one the dry outs, can I still plug the extension cab into the chorus out without losing one of the dry speakers, or blowing up my amp in the process?

OR, do I need to chain the two speakers in the combo together, so that they only plug into one of the outs, and then plug the extension cab into the chorus channel? The speakers in the combo cab are 8 ohms each. I still need to purchase speakers for the extension cab, but I'm considering Eminence Swamp Thang speakers, but I worry they might pull too much power from the transformer in the combo.

Thoughts? Opinions?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts