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7-String sound issues. Troubleshooting?

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Hey guys!

Got some everlasting issues with my guitar tone over here...
It's always sounding super dull and muddy, completely regardless, which amp or guitar I'm playing, or in which environment I'm playing. I'm really stuck and have no ideas where my problems come from (maybe it's me???)
The goal is to get a good home sound, with IR's through my monitors and a good sound for my band practise with the same equip. I'm looking for a tight rhythm sound, from guys like Wes Hauch, Dave Davidson, etc...


Got two 7-Strings, both Mayones Duvell,
First one is with a Bareknuckle Aftermath in the Bridge, completely new strings (Elixir 10-59), that's the one, where the sound examples come from
Second one with Elixir 10-64 and a Jupiter 7 in the bridge.


Synergy Syn-50 with the Pittbull and the Soldano Module
Kemper Profile Stage


Maxon Screamer, Boss GE-7, ISP Decimatior, all in front of the amp

Signal Chain:

Guitar --> GE-7 --> Maxon OD --> ISP-Decimator --> Synergy --> Steinberg Ur22 kII into Reaper --> Ignite NadIR with Christian Kohle IR's (modern bright standard) --> my Monitors are Yamahah

Here is a short Sound example:

First it's the Pittbull
Second the Soldano (which sounds the best imo)
Third is the Kemper with Wes Hauch Profile (PRS Archon Bright) which sounds totally amazing in the youtube videos, and like total bull**** when I play it

Maybe someone could help me finding a direction, where to start troubleshooting?


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I have same problem with my RGIR7 Ibanez, i realised its partly a string tension problem - after adjusting bridge tension it got more bite bit still sound is muddy and sloppy , im thinking about changing pickup's battery now ( active EMG 707 set ).
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