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For a 9 year old, he can type and think better than a certain member of this forum :lol:

Jason knows who it is!

Best review of merciful fate record as well.

Today's classic record is "Don't Break The Oath" by Mercyful Fate. This is a very metal record, put out in 1984, when a lot of metal was going on. As you may know, Mercyful Fate were from Denmark. What makes this record so awesome, in my opinion, is King Diamond. Even though he's on every record by Mercyful Fate, his performance is top notch on this one. King Diamond has a very distinct voice, like that of a possessed pixie. I've found that a large amount of their lyrics are about sacred stuff, like oaths and seances. Based on the lyrics, I think they were interested in creepy and mysteriously evil content. The music is plainly metal, played well to make it sound much more complicated than it is. Sometimes it makes me picture someone doing a pole vault, and sometimes it makes me think of ninjas. The cover art, I'm guessing, is somebody hell-related like Satan pointing and saying " Don't break the oath or I will eat you, weakling." If you do not own this album you're totally missing out on some awesome music.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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