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Pulling into the resort at night:

The lobby:

The bar:


Next morning, snowing it's ass off:

The $25 lodge breakfast. Each. :mad:

And some mountain pics:

Me. I am not cold. :D And I am a ninja.

The rental board.

My buddy Sam, total white-out at the top. It's pretty unnerving going down the mountain not being able to see a foot in front of your face. You can feel yourself moving, but that's about it. :lol:

Sam again:

One of the mid-lodges. Basically a bar mid-slope. :yesway:

Best jacket ever.

Headed up the Gondola:


The morning of Day 2, much nicer out.

Me. Glade boarding is fucking awesome. Powder and pine trees. :yesway:

The don't go here sign.


My head is in there somewhere. :lol:

Me about to hurt myself, though somehow I managed not to. :lol:


'Ze lift.

Another lift.

At the bar, best graffiti ever. (It's a condom machine)

Tacos. :yesway:

Mammoth village.

And a couple mountain shots from the ride back to Vegas.


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"this celebration cake sure isnt much to celebrate about" the drummer for DeathCharge after our battle of the bands? in Petawawa :lol:

looks like fun chris! my friend and his folks have been to mammoth once or twice i believe.

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the celebration ale is decent, although i wasnt in a drinking mood. I may have enjoyed it alot more if i wanted it lol
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