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I knew there was a reason I subscribe to Texas monthly besides the ridiculous true crime longforms of Skip Hollandsworth.

This is worth it for some of the album art alone, although some of the text is interesting and or hilarious/informative.

A) This one actually wasn't in the article, not even an album cover, more of a concert poster I found it google image searching for a larger picture of another one from the article. At a quick glance it's amazing enough. But then you realize the eagle is wearing a blonde willie nelson wig. In spite of the fact that Willie Nelson was never a blonde.

B) This is ridiculous enough without knowing the album title is "A HORSE CALLED MUSIC", possibly the greatest album title of all time. Is the horse literally called "Music"? Is the horse a metaphor for Music? Can you ride music like a horse? What happens if the horse called "Music" breaks a leg and you have to send it to the glue factory? We may never know the answer to any of these questions.

C) Donald Trump, the early years. It's like seeing a picture of Burt Reynolds without his mustache. Not to mention that do to a combination of photo composition and wardrobe his head looks ridiculously large on his body.

D) Obligatory ridiculously sexy Willie Nelson album cover with Enya Harvest Moon/Nora Jones Vibes.

E) This one is amazing. Movie soundtrack. It's very obvious from even a still image that both Robert Redford and Jane Fonda had an extremely awkward lack of chemistry. Since you can see that Robert Redford is thinking "Is this what my career has become?" and Jane Fonda is thinking "I really need to get a new agent". The fact that Robert Redford and Jane Fonda aren't really excited about it outweighed by the fact that corner Willie is really psyched on the idea. Most people think the ultimate romantic kiss requires only two people. But it actually requires three. If you don't have Willie nodding approvingly in the corner it doesn't count.

F) Uh...........before Willie found his signature look, and before he tried the weird Donald Trump look, he went for the suave Frank Sinatra golf man image. I'm not really sure this looks like a good time.

G) Damn you and your impossibly sick album cover Willie Nelson.


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