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I used to hate Oasis, and at the time this song was out, I was all, "Garggghh! This isn't Dream Theater or Toto or Steve Vai, this is bland talentless rubbish". I'm so glad to have grown up and realised the silliness of that sort of attitude. So, given that, I approached with a little caution; even though I've totally gotten over that attitude, I still don't dig this song. It has a special place in my 'hate' folder :D

That said, your cover of it is fucking awesome. I'd say don't change a thing about it. The very fact it's not completely pitch perfect totally fits with the vibe of not only the song and this particular performance, but also the whole indie scene of that period. And we're only talking a tiny bit of a shaky performance. I expected more of a howler when I read Josh's post before hearing it (no offence to Josh intended, it just made me expect the worst).

Anyhow, as ever, I'm completely jealous of your overall sound, and now of the fact you can sing really well, too.
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