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A "new" track (really one I just forgot about...)

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Yeah I did this one a couple of months ago, but apparently I forgot to post it anywhere or do anythign with it because I'm a huge retard :lol:

Anyway, less structure, more synth. Tried to give it a more twisted ambient-cross-coldwave sort of sound, and I think I got it :metal::lol:

Hope you like it...

SoundClick artist: Shotgun Partisan - Coldwave and Industrial oriented EBM stuff. Will be heavier when i can record guitar...

EDIT: I feel like there might be some real awful bass flub at one point.. Unfortunately for you/me, I can't hear it well enough to take the shit out... So deal with it :lol::ugh:
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This isn't usually my cup of tea but does sound cool really :D
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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