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A tip for anyone wanting to use more than one pickguard on a Stat

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Maybe you have different coloured pickguards you like to swap around, or one H-S-S and one S-S-S? CUt out the soldering, and get some of these. Put one on the output from the pickguard and one on a lead from your output (that'd probably be best on your control cavity rather than the jack cavity) and swap pickguards without risking burning yourself or melting anything. They're impossible to plug in the wrong way round, so a long as you wire them up correctly you'll never connect the signal to ground by mistake.
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Great tip and that's one nifty device.
Hey, cool idea. :yesway:
I always used 9v battery connectors, but those are a lot more high-tech.
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I :wub: connectors.
I've actually been meaning to do something like that for some time on my UV.
I always used 9v battery connectors, but those are a lot more high-tech.
Not really, they're just two plates of metal moulded into a plastic case with a spring to keep the plates pressed together with their counterparts in the socket. They're meant to be used as battery or motor plugs in rc cars/boats/planes.
Well, yeah, I know, they just LOOK more hi-tech :p

Probably look more professional as a result.
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