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Been working on this song for a while, still needs a LOT of work. I mainly need advice on the drums. Here's the song:
SoundClick artist: Chris Stoffel - page with MP3 music downloads

It needs real bass, some vocals redone and the main solo hasn't been recorded yet.

And for reference, I am trying to get the drums to sound close to this:

I think I need more reverb on the drums, but the bass's EQ still isn't quite right, I am happy with the snare, just a bit more tweaking and it'll be there, but the bass drum is a completely different story. I'm not sure if i'm looking at the bass's EQ all wrong or what? I'll post some screens when I get home from work later tonight.


Recording issues and need of solo aside, I wouldn't mind some opinions on the song itself. Does it flow good? Does it kick your teeth in but yet get stuck in your head? .... Does it sound a bit like Grand Magus? :lol:

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The first i'd say is, make sure you use the room mics a lot they will bring out the character in everything, especially the snare.

Compress each mic on the snare. Bottom with a fast attack and ratio of about 8:1 to get rid of the rattle. Top with a ratio of about 4. If you have any channel strip plugins use the e.q on them. I use the waves SSL channel and love it for most things.

Parallel compression is another really useful tool. Here is a step by step tutorial on it which is great:

FaderWear Guides - Need a Fat Drum Sound? Parallel Compression Guide
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