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Now, I really don't want to sell this and the price won't get much lower. This is my Pink hornet.
Maple/Rosewood neckthru
Mahogany wings
maple fretboard
27" scale
Pearl dot inlays
Reversed headstock
Trans Pink
Oiled Neck (not painted)
String thru TOM bridge
1 Humbucker
1 Volume

I installed a Strat type jack plate where the original (LP type) was, on the lower wing. Its not as great as being on the upper wing but it doesn't get in your way at all now.
It also has a Q Tuner Super High Z which I installed. It sounds amazing and looks cool as shit. I got the Clear/black coil Q Tuner.
It has a few dings, but nothing very bad and all are just in the finish itself. (Will post pictures of dings soon)
I have also added a decal vine inlay, which is very easily removed if you don't want it on there.

Price: $635 Paypal'd, Shipped.


I believe this is a steal, because the pickup itself is worth $200.

Tr00 Kvlt
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DonBot said:

Sure. Post this 2 days after I picked up the Carvin. :squint: I would have snagged this in a hearbeat!
Do it anyway! :D
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