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That looks awesome. I might go through a few pairs of underwear whilst playing it though :lol:

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The HUD is just such a blast to watch. The graphics are ok, they fit into the current generations trend of making everything different shades of dark gray and shadow(although that's kinda what they're shooting for, the game looks creepy as fuck!). But holy shit does it look like it's going to be fun to play! The look on the marines face before he gets completely owned is awesome, and the textures of his skin look pretty damn good. Nothin' like ripping someones spine out :D

From the few videos i've seen, it looks like they really nailed an awesome atmosphere and feel. It's like you're in the middle of chaos, there are things fighting each other all around you, rather than everything within 500ft attacking only you.

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I tried it.
And I was not impressed.
The Marines get ass whooped.
The aliens move so fast there is no way to track them with your rifle.
I would really hate to play it with a hand controller.
The pred class just pwns all. :noway:
No crouch, and you have to pick up ammo and health like in quake or U.T.

The single player may be ok, but online play sucked ass bigtime. :rant:

I rate it 7 farts out of 10. :(

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I just finished having a blast through it, finished the pred campaign in a few hours which was a bit disappointing really, I'll have to ramp up the difficulty level after I've gone through the other campaigns as I've not done those yet.

Having only played as the pred it's hard to say what I think about the game properly but it was bloody good fun though as I said a bit short in that campaign (though I have just finished Mass Effect which had a huge story in comparison).

I'm pretty much going to spend most of tomorrow on it though. :lol:

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Got this today, started playing it ~3 hours ago and I'm already done with the Predator mission. Game is pretty cool, but if the other two campaigns are this short, I'm going to be able to beat it and then just return it on Monday and get my money back. :lol:
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