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Allen and Heath gs-r24 (OH GOD YES content)

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This is basically everything i'm looking for in a mixing desk besides having ssl style dynamics on every channel. I'll live without them.

Sonic State - News (Video Item) PLASA10: Allen & Heath GSR24 Production Mixer, Tasty analog/digital/MIDI hybrid

Allen & Heath has unveiled the GS-R24, a high quality analogue console combined with a choice of interface modules, motorised faders for automated mixing, and MIDI controllers for tactile interfacing with software DAWs, all at a uniquely attainable price point.

Based on the highly successful ZED-R16 Firewire recording mixer concept with influences from the classic GS3000, the GS-R24 is primarily aimed at project recording studios, although its flexible feature set lends the mixer to live sound applications requiring multi-channel recording, post production suites, and as a general use home studio mixer.

Sporting a high quality mic pre-amp and 4-band fully-parametric EQ, the GS-R24 has 24 mono mic/line channels, 2 dual input stereo channels, 2 mono valve pre-amp channels, 6 auxes (2 switched pre/post EQ), 4 audio sub-group buses, a master stereo and a master mono bus. There are 2 studio output sub-mix sections with individual level adjustment, which source monitor signals, and a comprehensive PFL/AFL and stereo 'Solo In Place' system, ideal for use in mix-down operation.

A slot in the rear panel provides optional input and output formats via a choice of plug-in interface module cards. The first module available is a 32-channel Firewire interface with ADAT optical connectivity, which provides a digital send and digital return on all the input channels (mono, stereo and valve pre) and the master stereo, making a total of 32 digital inputs and outputs. Also available from launch will be an analogue I/O plus MIDI module with the interface on D type connectors for wiring to external converters.

The MIDI control section provides 24 channel faders (audio and MIDI track), 26 SELECT switches (dual function channel Solo switches), 12 rotaries, 19 MIDI switches, a further 2 MIDI faders and a jog wheel for scrolling functions. The mono channels have either motorised or non-motorised faders depending on model, and mode switches configure the mixer to allow different levels of MIDI control and integration with the DAW.
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Price? Preferably more specific than "a lot."
tentative pricing is 6k pounds for the non motorized and 6.5k pounds for the motorized version. no us pricing yet but i expect it to drop fairly quickly
Looks pretty awesome for the price, let's hope it doesn't continue the "Allen & Grief" stereotype of their other desks.
Looks pretty awesome for the price, let's hope it doesn't continue the "Allen & Grief" stereotype of their other desks.
please elaborate. i haven't heard any badness about other A&H products but i haven't looked for reviews really
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