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Almost confirmed: Opening for Threat Signal in June!

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Date is set for June 10th, but we've no details yet. I hope there are only three bands like we had for Devildriver :metal:

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Awesome man! We played with Threat Signal, but it was at a big "School's Out" festival sort of thing, with like 15 bands :lol: Seemed like cool guys though. Our buddies in Baptized in Blood have toured with them a couple times.
That's badass.
june 10th at 9pm we play with Threat Signal and a host of other national acts :metal:

Tickets are $10, so let me know if anyone wants some presale. I think they are $12 or $13 at the door. All ages! Southgate House in Newport, KY

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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