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Spooky games are my thing. Survival horror, scary FPS, you name it, I've probably played it. By now, I'm immune to most creepy things. The only thing that still gets to me is the first Silent Hill. Something about that game is fucking magic.

Anyway, I set out on a quest to find something a little different and has the masochistic creep factor I'm looking for and I stumbled across Amnesia. This game plays like a cross between (insert FPS here) and Clock Tower. The game's from a first person perspective, you have no weapons so when you see something you have to hide, but there's another catch: sanity meter.

The sanity meter's effects aren't as extreme or odd as those in Eternal Darkness, but they contribute to the atmosphere nonetheless. Seeing something spooky happen, looking at a monster, or just being in a dark area will lower your sanity, blurring your vision and muddying your controls. Thus, you're constantly trying to keep a balance of being in the dark and light. There's even an eye dilation effect when you step into the dark. Your only controllable source of light is your lantern, but oil is of limited supply. You can light unlit torches and candles with use of tinderboxes that you find scattered about. Problem is once you light something, you can't put it out (strange), so if you planned to use that dark corner as a hiding spot, forget it.

While sanity effects are mostly just an annoyance (passing out when you go completely bonkers, bugs, etc) they also effect how easy you are to spot. If you're hiding from a whatthehellisthatthing and look at it too long, your inane ramblings and heavy breathing will catch its ear and it will proceed to make you its bitch lest you made a mad dash with muddied controls and hope your nutbag of a character doesn't pass out.

Puzzles are pretty straight forward, the story's very Lovecraftian, and the atmosphere will get under your skin. Play in the dark with headphones cranked. The graphics are a bit dated for 2009 (or 10?), but it doesn't take away from it. Highly recommended. :yesway:

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