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AmpliTube iRig -- iPhone Practice Amp

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Holy shit. If this works on the Touch, I am in.
It works on the iPad too; I wonder if they're doing a universal version with a iPad screen-optimized interface, instead of the 2x mode. Having pedals and amp settings at a glance with a 10" screen would be nice. Also, the preset switching is sweet; just touch the patch.

Hot damn... If I had an iPhone i'd be all over that. If only :lol:
Just buy a refurb iPod touch for less than $200. It'll do this, plus web surfing, e-mail, movies, mobile porn, etc.
Those sound quite good. Pretty impressive for something going on iPod/iPad that I already have.
Just re-read your post, IK, and yeah, if you guys could do a Stealthboard via dock connector with standard 1/4" in's and out's, to an iPad, that would friggin' kill. I'd totally be on board for that. Get it? ON BOARD!!?? :lol:
Hey, IK guy: do you have a bass recording? My buddy wants to hear it. He's a bassist and guitarist.
uh oh! : AmpKit LiNK

I wonder if I can use either adapter with both apps. It would be nice to have options, since both apps are so cheap. I wonder which device is better.
You will be able to use both interfaces with either app, you could even make your own. The peavey site claims crosstalk with a regular interface and claims their powered circuit is the solution, I'm thinking about making my own anyway.
I'm thinking of picking up one or the other interface, and then both apps. For the price they're selling for, I don't see why not. I already really dig the IK Multimedia stuff, so that's a definite. But having the option of both apps is pretty cool.
I'm thinking that also

I mean Shit When i think of what I spent on a Rockman - that is pretty much a no-brainer...
I know. I spent $150 on a Pocket POD I've used twice, because it sounds like ass-milk.

This sounds better, will work on my iPad, has more features, and generally impresses my fellow IT geeks with the cool factor of running amp sims off of a tablet, so it's a win all around. :lol:
Thanks for the kind words (not just the ones quoted, and no comment on the interesting descriptive word at the beginning ;) ). We're proud of this.
Well, I could explain, but suffice it to say it's not painting the Pocket POD in a positive light. :D
hehe got it. Check out a great video Sound On Sound magazine posted from Summer NAMM: News - Summer NAMM 2010: IK Multimedia iRig & Amplitube for iPhone (Video)
Question: on the Late 2009 MacBook Pro 13's, there's a combo input/output jack for audio.

Would that work with your device? I believe it's a ring tip deal, similar to how the iPhone/iPad handle input/output. It would add additional benefit/value if this did work, because then I could use it with GarageBand's amp emulators, in addition to using it on the iPad.
Logic says that it will work Jeff. Both use a TRRS connection and iphone headsets work with the Macbook. People have made breakout box's for their Macbooks in the past which have worked fine.

That is a great application for this adaptor, my macbook pro has separate in and out which I have used for recording and the quality is every bit as good as any interface I have used. I imagine that the crosstalk with any home made TRRS adaptor would make it useless for recording, if the iRig adaptor actually eliminates crosstalk with no signal degradation it is a great portable solution for the guitarist who is stuck with the shitty combo audio in/out on those models.
Yeah I'm just thinking it'd be handy for those times I just want to have something to practice with, and just use the built in sounds along with the iRig doodad. Definitely a good value if it can perform double duty.
Peter, has anyone tried putting other effects before the iRig device? Is there any risk to overloading and damaging the iPhone/iPad? Just curious. It could be a really handy tool for using the ipad for recording using something like StudioTrack.
Any word on the iPad-optimized version? Mine just showed up yesterday!
I got the iRig do-hickey and bought Amplitube for iPad for the $20. Quite digging it so far......i need to figure out how to record it. I might have to run to The Shack to get a 1/8" to 1/4" adapter.

The "Lead" amp in particular is cool, as is the "metal" amp, once you tweak it. The presets are kinda meh, but that's a personal thing.
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One thing's for sure; this thing needs a Stealth pedal that connects to the dock connector with full connectivity. That would fucking slay, and would make it a great tool for recording and a live backup rig. It definitely (to my ears) sounds better than Line 6 stuff. All it needs is connectivity.
I agree. First thing I asked for was a way to plug in my StealthPedal to control it. There are also some ideas about switching effects on and off hands-free that don't require hardware, and we're open to suggestion.
Well a dock-connecting pedal is the only way I can think of. I'm not sure how else you could do it. The wah is also understandably kinda useless until that happens too. As neat as it is to have it change as you tilt the iPad, there's not a lot of real world use there :lol:

I'm not sure what the terms of licensing are for making devices that connect to the dock connector, but others have already done it (Alesis for recording, Line 6 for MIDI dump/recording).

It would really put Amplitube ahead of the competition if they were to do that. I would think people would be willing to pay $200 for something that would be a "Lite" version that maybe lacked the amount of switches and XLR outputs, but still had 1/4" in's and out's and an expression pedal jack.

Sonoma Wireworks is selling this for $200, and there appears to be a market for it. I would think a simplified StompIO pedal of some sort would be an even easier sell.
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Another possibility is some kind of Bluetooth adapter. Is the iPad/Pod/Phone bluetooth compatible?
Yes it is, and that's an interesting concept for control. But I don't think the bandwidth of even Bluetooth 2.0 is fast enough for control+audio, even at 16bit/44.1khz. The practical bandwidth of BT is only ~2Mb/sec, whereas USB 1.1 is 12Mbps and USB2.0 is 480Mbps.
Yeah, I was thinking control only.
Yeah it'd be cool for that, but given the fact that the iRig is just 1/8" out, I was thinking a Diet StompIO with dual 1/4" outputs+expression pedal input would be sweet.
Can I like both ideas? :) Get a bluetooth keyboard paired, then put bigger "blocks" on some of the keys, map those to some stomps.... ahhhhh!
Actually yeah, if you found a way to control patches via Bluetooth keyboard, that might work. Still kinda hoky though compared to a real controller.
I've sent in some crazy ideas like something similar to that bluetooth page turner for sheet music that hooks up to Boss switches, etc, or using the Magic Pad as an X/Y (would work great in GrooveMaker too), and more.
That's interesting. The Magic Pad as an x/Y for the wah or something would be cool.
...and to revive this a bit, we're almost ready to release a REALLY big update.
Any clues for us as to what's included? I've been running it for awhile on my iPad.
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