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Just got the update on my Droid. Waiting for the wife's phone to update but it hasn't yet.

Love the fact I can tether via USB now, and I know the newer android phones can be a WiFi hotspot.

Haven't tested flash yet, but I've also heard that may not be included.

YouTube - Android 2.2 Official Video
Yeah, a 2nd 2.2 update is being pushed to the Droid to allow you to download Flash. The Droid can handle WiFi tethering fine, if you root it :lol: I've been WiFi tethering since I got it back in December. USB tethering doesn't work unless you pay for it through Verizon, it'll just take you to a Verizon web page on the PC if you try to use it. If you haven't rooted your phone, do it, it's easy and it's worth it.

I've had Android 2.2 since it was first pushed out to the Nexus One and developers got it working on the Droid. I've had Flash since then too.
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