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OK am I missing out on anything cool? I have Pandora Radio, Weather Channel, an improved calculator, Google Goggles and Google Sky Map. What is everyone using? Anything else out there that's must have?

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Mobile Defense
gStrings (Guitar Tuner)

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TiKL is cool app, it allows you to talk to another Android user using it via push to talk. It's a fun toy.

Handcent SMS is fun, if you want to tweak the way your text messages look when you read them.


Vignette - does some sweet picture effects.

gStrings guitar tuner

Frozen Bubble - Puzzle Bobble/bust a move clone. Ported from Ubuntu

NESoid lite - free NES emulator

The Schwartz - Lightsaber app, but with spaceballs music. ...Pretty much the only thing worth it in this app :lol:

Replica Island - fun platforming game

ColorNote - sticky notes

Spark - manage your xbox live account. Useful for adding people you meet to your friends list.

Wootwatcher - because.... It's woot.

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Absolute musts:
QuickDesk (for great multitasking)
Handcent (SMS app)
Launcher Pro (if you don't like htc sense:p)
Astro (for browsing your sd card)
NewsRob (RSS that works offline)
Keeper (for storing passwords)

gTasks (to do list)
AK notepad (eh... notepad. With reminders etc)
Tip-it (if you suck at math)
HandyCalc (Calc with a lot of functionality)
Financisto (budget app)
Appbrain (for discovering new nice apps)
DroidFit (if youre working out)

Fun & Games:
GalaxIR (Nice game)
Trap! (Fun game)
GameBoid (GBA emulator. Try advance wars! One of my all time favourite games)

Dolphin HD (browser)
Gmote (control your computer from a distance)
DoubleTwist/Meridian/MixZing (media players) I haven't really decided which one I like better yet..

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I just discovered Handcent myself yesterday, and it's brilliant. I'd racked up over 3300 messages from my wife and it was locking up my messaging app on my G1, but I only had the option to delete single messages or the whole lot. Handcent lets me select multiple messages at once :yesway: I'm down to under 1400 in a few goes, probably taken me about an hour. Singularly I'd spent 2 or 3 hours getting rid of a couple of hundred messages, hence why I ended up with so many; lack of time!

I'd highly recommend the Daily Dilbert app, plus the Achmed the Dead Terriorist soundboard. Oh, and the Quagmeyer soundboard too.

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ToddlerLock - the single greatest app ever made by anyone ever. Keeps a toddler entertained for 20+ minutes.

Advanced Task Killer - you need this

Skyfire - watch flash video :agreed:

Raging Thunder 2 - racing game like burnout

Backbreaker Tackle Alley - a simple and fun football game

Spark - Xbox thingie

SNESoid and NESoid

Photoshop Mobile

My wife loves FX camera, but I like the stock droid camera

NFL Mobile - watch the NFL channel live anytime

Irish/Chinese penile measurement tool (metric) - now in CM and MM measurements. The ruler only takes up half the screen.

Oh and Mazeoid - it's a free pac man

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