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I just fooled around with the Inspire again. I can tell the difference, and it's much harder to get this thing to clip.

I used to record with a mic running into my computer's 1/8" mic in WAY back in the day. I was absolutely shocked at the difference when I went to a M-Audio Firewire 410. Forget clipping, everything is just fuller sounding.

A "preamp" in an interface isn't the same as a "preamp" youplug your guitar into. Your MP-1 is basically the front end of a guitar amp, designed to color the sound and overdrive. A interface preamp is basically a mic pre - designed to boost the input signal from whatever's coming out of the mic to something hot enough to record, ideally either 1.) without coloring it at all, or 2.) coloring it in musically pleasing ways. I suppose maybe it matters a little less when you're tracking direct from a guitar preamp where you can adjust the output from the unit to taste, but it's absolutely crucial when you start working with mics.

And not bloody likely. :fawk:

You might want to keep playing with those impulses - that still sounds awfully direct. Also, try a click track next time. ;)
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