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This is fucking horrible.

I'm scheduled to be in SoCal on the 22nd on business, leaving the 23rd. And now I'm just realizing....

Dude. Totally unrelated, but if you are going to be in the Santa Ana/Anaheim area on Wednesday night, make sure you catch the Kogi Naranja truck. :drool:

10:30 at the Concourse Bowling Center. Get the short rib burrito and the Pillow Talk if they have it!

Pillow Talk

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No haz can. Gotta be back in the bay area that Friday.

:idea: Maybe Seymour Duncans rep will finally get back to you about those pickups I asked about by then. :D


Go see Helmet :sharpie:
OK I will. When they come around later on this Winter. :D I'm hearing they're going to be doing cities they missed on this US tour. They didn't have a SF date this time around like they usually do.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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