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I just discovered these the other day and I am loving desktop looks so clean now...

They have a bunch of addons like this:

I changed the start button as well, Can't figure out how to change the taskbar, but the button sure looks cool now. :lol:

You can get the file at About RocketDock - and most of the addons too.

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My dad uses Rocket Dock at the office. If you have it where it autohides, it works as a neat little extra quick start menu of sorts.

...and yes, it a blatant Mac OS rip-off. :rofl:

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Rocket dock is cool, I use it to take all my icons off the desktop. I use it with more of a "minimalist" approach, no addons or anything. I wish it was as powerful as Gnome Do in Linux, tons of cool stuff to be had with that. Though the add ons I use in Ubuntu are things I only do on the netbook so I guess it doesn't really matter since the windows 7 start menu and task bar cover most of that stuff anyway.

So it's an OS X dock duct-taped to a Windows 7 UI? :lol:
Which is a Linux dock duct-taped into OS X :D

I remember using a dock in windows 98se
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