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No shit. WTB camera details.
Your wish is my command. Google-fu! :flex:

Chris Thomas (photographer) said:
I recently posted a photo here called "Kangaroo Moon", I have also posted this photo to "Ice in Space" it is currently the "image of the week" on that forums home page. (APOD)

This photo is NOT a montage, I took this photo with a Vixen ED103 on a Vixen GP mount, with Vixen Sky Sensor 2000PC. Using a Canon 450D set at 1/250 ISO 200, cable release - And nerves of still (sic. probably meant "steel"), one frame only!
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No zoom lens. It's a telescope!

Vixen ED103

Canon 450D


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That Vixen gets 5 grand?? Holy Shit! :lol: That's like paying 5 grand for a Strat. Sure it's nice but there are other scopes that would beat it like a prison bitch for that kind of money. Plus I don't think you need Mr fancy pants super refractor for a shot like this. I'd guess any refractor with decent optics should be sufficient.
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