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Aurora Borealis free EP promo, feat. Gru, Halcyon, Sithu Aye! Atmospheric/Metal

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Hi guys, my new EP is finally out !!! You can check out promo here:

If you like djent/progressive metal i hope you will be pleased! :)

Youtube: "Skylight feat Gru" - atmospheric metal


Aurora Borealis | Widek


"Aurora Borealis" EP tracks:

1.Emission Line Spectrum 01:15

2.Aurora Borealis (feat. Sithu Aye & Halcyon) 04:22

3.Dark Matter 02:16

4.Binary Stars 02:33

5.Skylight (feat. Gru) 06:05

Have a nice listening guys!! :)
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interesting song, I dig it.
Thanks guys, glad you like it ! :)
Really dug the video. To me it was more post metal than djent. You write some catchy stuff and I think you do yourself a disservice by hanging the djent tag on it although there are some of it's components on your EP. I almost didn't listen when I saw you had 9 posts and the word djent.
Hi fathead, thanks for the opinion! :) Yeah im not extacly djentish player, but like you said i have a small amount this kind of sound so i also used "djent" tag, cheers! :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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