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Addressing the current USB issue here.

Axe-Fx II USB Driver for OS X 10.7.4+

Build Notes:
* This USB FW/driver works with the fixed AppleUSBAudio driver Apple has implemented in OS X 10.7.4+ (Lion and Mountain Lion [10.8.x]).
* Note: As of this post, Apple has not released a fix/patch for previous versions of the OS (<10.7.4).
* Note: The bootloader daemon has been moved to /Library/Application Support/ for OS consistency. You may need to reboot your system after install.

Install Notes:
1) Download and run the installer.
2) Reboot computer
3) Reboot Axe-Fx II
4) Confirm FW/driver installed and loaded (run Audio MIDI from /Applications/Utilities/ folder and verify single Axe-Fx II Audio device present with 4 ins and 2 outs)

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