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getting schwifty
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damn these move ridiculously fast..

goddamnit i love this box. but since i'm unemployed (again) and haven't sold the triaxis or mpx g2, i'm going to have to unload my last remaining axe fx. i'm probably just panicking since that great interview i had at a company similar to stark-industries with a name that rhymes with 'money-well' was almost a month ago and i haven't heard back from them; despite recieving positive ping-backs from my references. oh well, bracing for long-term unemployment takes precidence over the cure for amp GAS. fuck it.

the thing's got minor rack rash from being 'racked' and there's an ugly scratch under the 'page' buttons (see pics). otherwise, it works flawlessly and sounds better than everything: even that wet slapping sound that happens while you're pounding lisa kudrow... oh lisa.

click the photo for more pics. sorry, no trades asking $2000.00 shipped (obo to my mvp homies, except for crooks cuz i know he's good for it and he's probably already got like six of addition to all the physical amps modeled). ships from Clearwater, FL to the upper 48 continental US. I would rather avoid international shipping, unless the buyer agrees to pay all associated shipping costs. I have 100% positive feedback on ebay (larryfastslide) and /7/.

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