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My name is Mike and I am a member of BlackStar Amps Anonymous.

I say I am a member of BlackStar Amps Anonymous because I believe there is an important difference between loving the wrong amp and being a member of BlackStar Amps Anonymous.

As a Blackstar lover, I could not stop drinking the BS Kool-Aid. Even when my doctor diagnosed me with artificial tone, I could not stop drinking. I admitted my drinking was injurious, yet I knew, as right as the sun would rise tomorrow, I would jam again. I can't stop jamming. This is the horror and hopelessness of being a Blackstar Amp Lover. Yet, here I am, as a member of BlackStar Amps Anonymous, now saved by the tone of the mighty 6505!

I have several recordings using both my ID Core 40 and HT5R, that I added tracks to with the 6505 yesterday and *:scream2:* the difference is insane. For y'all this is probably a "well duh!" thing, but as we used to say in DC "you can't tell somebody something they don't already know" and now I know.

Anyone else suffering through the shame and humiliation of being a "[insert inferior brand] Amps Anonymous" member, don't give up! There is hope! You too can be saved! :james:
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