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crying in your beer
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I ship from Austria (EU)(orly?), and usually on Friday after money receipt (IF you notify me that the money is on it's way, I don't check my account every day)

For postage rates: Let me know where you live, what item you are intrested in, and I can tell you what it will cost. I ship as registered parcel only, so there will be a tracking number. Costs more, but I don't have the time for "have ya shippahd da wah? y i no receipe da wah?".

Payment: paypal or wire transfer in advance.

References: petereanima on ebay - 100%, but only a few transactions. I have done a deal here with loktide and one with dr.mosh (or, that one was on still maybe..)

Still in? Then I have for you:

Behringer FCB 1010 midi floorboard with UnO Chip (check UnO if you don't know about this chip/firmware) plus Gigbag and Midi cable, means:
I am selling the BUNDLE ( )
Goes for EUR 140,- (new price is currently EUR 222,- plus UnO chip separately)
Original chip is also attached, if you prefer the original.
This is - besides the installation of the new Chip - as new. Has been used 2 times at home exactly and is sitting in the original packaging since then.

Behringer GI100 DI w./ 412 speaker sim
EUR 20,-
These go new for 42,-, and as it is "new", means unsused, still in original packaging
If you want a speaker sim'd DI Box, search no longer. Yeah, this is a Behringer product. but you know what? The speaker sim on this KILLS that overhyped Palmer PD I also had (and sold, once I got this). But also - jsut a few weeks after I bought this, finally my Axe FX arrived, so I didn't even need it, but kept it as backup. Still in original packaging.

EMG 81-7
EUR 35,-
enough wire left; NO quick connect or electronics. almost unused, no scratches on the front.

Gator GPT Pro Pedalboard with bag
EUR 40,-
This is toured, not new. there is a small spot with the zip not closing completely (~2-3 cm?), and a corner of the bord is broken (which doesn't affect functionality at all).
the velcro area is 100% good.

GATOR GRR6L 6U Trolly rack
EUR 65,-
A 6u rack with trolly function, which is cool as hell. Wouldn't want to have missed that back in the touring days.
Yeah, this is toured, has a few dings and dongs, but everything works.

if interested, it comes with Adam Hall Pull out rails installed (including power strip as mounted on my foto) for EUR 30,- additionally

crying in your beer
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I would let those things go for:
EUR 120,- for the FCB1010 bundle
EUR 50,- for the Gator Rack
EUR 70,- for the Gator Rack with pull out rails
EUR 30,- for the pedalboard
EUR 25,- for the EMG
EUR 15,- for the DI w. speaker sim

excluding shipping costs and paypal fees.
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