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Over past couple months, I've bought some new guitars but didn't get around to actually posting an NGD.

First one is a Jackson SLATXSD 3-7. I've been very happy with the silverburst TOM equipped one I had and was looking to get a floyd-equipped 7 for quite a long time. There was a clearance sale in one of the Polish online instrument shops so when this one popped up for 600 $ I pulled the trigger.

The active SDs sound different to the EMGs, but they're also nice.

Floyd rose special is not bad, but it's far from being great too - maybe a proper setup will help it though as there seems to be some string slippage under the locking nut. Other than that, it flutters nicely, which I didn't expect from a cheap bridge like that. Depending on the outcome of the setup session with a local luthier, I may upgrade to OFR though as other than that the guitar is perfect.

What I did not expect is that Jackson changed the neck profile slightly between the EMG and SD variants of the guitar - the EMG equipped one is a bit more round, especially closer to the neck/body joint, while the SD one is thinner and closer to my RG550 (thin but still relatively round, no square shoulders).

The 2nd guitar is a cheap LTD F-100FM with EMG 81/60, which I scored for 150 $ on a local FB guitar sales/trades group. The nut has been upgraded to brass. It's a pretty cool workhorse guitar, definitely beats most of Ibanezes I've played in this price range - has a very comfortable thin round neck. I've tuned it to drop C# and currently use it for one song with my band or as a backup for my main six string.

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