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Blackstar HT for Death Metal?

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I play modern death metal stuff like (Dying Fetus, Despised Icon, etc..) I play a LTD Viper 400 w/ active EMG's, tuned to B standard with 12 gauge strings.

I'm looking into getting a 2x12 combo, under $1000. Been looking at this Blackstar HT 60. Anyone have experience with this amp?

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or would I be better of with something like this Rocktron Vendetta.

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I'm looking for a used 5150 combo, but I don't know if i will find one.
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I tested out the 5 and my 20 is en route. They can definitely hash out some mean metal tones. Useable ones too, not those top-fizzy or farty tones. With a TS in front and a heavy hand, think JFAC's Lords of Chaos.
By TS, you mean Tubescreamer right?
Yeah thats what I mean. But not for extra gain.. Just for that coloring that makes heavy palming more satisfying.
1 - 3 of 44 Posts
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