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Blackstar HT for Death Metal?

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I play modern death metal stuff like (Dying Fetus, Despised Icon, etc..) I play a LTD Viper 400 w/ active EMG's, tuned to B standard with 12 gauge strings.

I'm looking into getting a 2x12 combo, under $1000. Been looking at this Blackstar HT 60. Anyone have experience with this amp?

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or would I be better of with something like this Rocktron Vendetta.

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I'm looking for a used 5150 combo, but I don't know if i will find one.
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Alright, cool. I just wanted to make sure they had enough gain for death metal tone.
I tested out the 5 and my 20 is en route. They can definitely hash out some mean metal tones. Useable ones too, not those top-fizzy or farty tones. With a TS in front and a heavy hand, think JFAC's Lords of Chaos.
By TS, you mean Tubescreamer right?
Yeah, I'm not really wanting a halfstack. Just alot of trouble to haul around, and I don't currently have a band.
Alright, would you recommend the TS7 or TS9?
Alright, thanks guys.
I don't mind 2x12 combo's. I use to haul around my 5150 2x12 all the time. Unfortunately, I sold it when I quit playing for awhile. But, now i'm looking for another one.
LOL :rofl:. It seems to me like it would be more expensive to get a head and a 2x12 cab, unless i go with a low wattage head.
Yeah, that makes sense. If i find a good deal on a head/2x12 cab used i'll probably get it.
Yeah they are mean, I miss my 5150. I don't know anything about ohms and matching head and cabs together, so i need some info on that?

Also, just to keep my options open, can anyone recommend any good hi gain solidstate amps?
Yeah, I've been considering the club 40.
So, I'm thinking about getting a Peavey 6505 1x12.
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It's between that and a blackstar ht 40. Anyone have experience with the 6505 1x12? I loved my 5150 2x12, should I be able to get the same tone?
Alright thanks. I also just found a Peavey XXL 100 watt head used. Are those very hi gain?
So, I should be able to get a good hi gain death metal tone from one right?
Depends on which type of death metal tone you're looking to do. If you want a super tight and articulate type, it probably won't get you where you want. I know my Mark III can do tight rhythm stuff (what the Marks have become known for), but with some tweaking and EQ adjustments, I can have a slightly thicker, sludgier/saggier tone like the Rectos have been known for.

Obviously, this isn't too say it's 100% fact, and I know there ARE guys who use Rectos for some technical stuff like Cannibal Corpse, and I'm sure Dave and the others would be more suited to help in that area.
Thanks, and I love Cannibal Corpse's tone, and thats the type of stuff i play.
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