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Blackstar HT for Death Metal?

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I play modern death metal stuff like (Dying Fetus, Despised Icon, etc..) I play a LTD Viper 400 w/ active EMG's, tuned to B standard with 12 gauge strings.

I'm looking into getting a 2x12 combo, under $1000. Been looking at this Blackstar HT 60. Anyone have experience with this amp?

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or would I be better of with something like this Rocktron Vendetta.

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I'm looking for a used 5150 combo, but I don't know if i will find one.
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A large tube combo won't be much better though. That Blackstar is 67 pounds - I play through a head and a 2x12 which, admittedly, aren't MUCH lighter individually than the combo, but it's way easier to move a 40-pound head and a 50 pound cab in two trips than it is to move a 70 pound combo in one.

Also, 60 tube watts is LOUD. If you're "not in a band," you almost certaintly don't need that kind of power, and in fact really the advantage with tube amps is when you can drive the power section a bit. The HT-20 head (24 pounds) and a matching 1x12 or 2x12 cabinet would probably be lighter, easier to move, AND more suited to getting great tones at sane volumes, though probably would still have enough power to gig.

2x12 combos are a bitch to lug around. i'll take a head and cab any day over a combo for ease of transportation.
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