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DLC Introduction:

Marcus: Our story began when the Hyperion Corporation decided they'd had enough of the treasure hunters. With The Vault on lockdown, they had served their purpose, and now they were a drain on the economy. Why pay full price for weapons when you can take a five-finger discount off the nearest corpse?

Marcus: Hyperion was looking to clear the drain, but those guys were one tough hairball...

Intro Kid: I thought you said the treasure hunters were the drain.Now they're the hairball?

Marcus: Well- yes, see the treasure hunters were blocking the flow of- and the grimy build-up of money and-

Intro Kid: This metaphor stinks...

Marcus: Shut up! The point is Hyperion had a plan. The treasure hunters could handle all manner of beastie, bandit, and batallion, but they weren't expecting the ... Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap!

Marcus: This claptrap was programmed to take our boys out indirectly. Trapping, poisoning, spreading catty rumors around town. Nothing was off-limits. He was smart... too smart.

Marcus: He looked around, and didn't like what he saw: claptraps being subjugated, humliated, obliterated. What we call programming, he called slavery.
So he rallied his fellow claptraps and turned them against their corporate masters. What started as a rebellion became a revolution. And take a wild guess who Hyperion called to clean up the mess...


Story Overview:

Basically the ninja claptrap was created by Hyperion to stop the vault hunters from taking all the guns and treasure etc... but was too clever, he saw other claptraps being 'enslaved' and 'killed' - he wanted it to stop so he started a claptrap revoloution. Now Hyperion have asked the vault hunters to help them stop the claptrap uprising and return things back to normal but the claptraps have gone about... re-animating dead people and adding claptrap robot parts to them to fight in their army. Some of the people re-animated include Dr Ned. Commandant Steele and General Knoxx.


new enemies (just a very short selection)

It is also worth saying that these enemies have differnt names on playthrough 1 2 and 2.5 aswell as another set of names that indicate another level of enemy (although considering how the system works it may indicate another playthrough but I'm not going to speculate.)
It would be fair to say that almost every enemy has been remade as a clap-trap enemy...

Mutant Midget Psycho-Trap
D-Fault Bandit Thug
Badass Bruiser-Trap
Badass Hyperion Soldier-Trap
Famished Rakk-Trapling
Adult Skag-Trap


Plenty of new quests - as-well as side quests (exact amount not specified)

A few with descriptions to get you drooling (again i'm not going to post them all since it'd make the op 10m long)

Burn Rubber
Those lousy rustbuckets have stolen Marcus’ bus tires! Go to the Hyperion Dump and find six good looking tires. It’s time to spruce this old girl up."

Are you from these parts?
Patricia Tannis needs parts to build her magnificent… something. Head down to the Hyperion Dump and search the scrapped claptraps for parts and bring them back to her.

Eleven Rakks and Spices
That’s why you don’t date crazy. After having his heart broken, Marcus needs some comfort food: Captain Sanders’ Famous Pandora Fried Rakk! Find 11 pieces of rakk-trap meat and 11 spice plants for the Captain’s famous secret recipe.

Helping is its own reward... Wait No it isn't!
Blake has given you the key to a Hyperion Corporate Gift Shop. Time to see if all the blood, sweat and dead claptraps were worth it."

It's a Trap... Clap
Aww, that poor helpless claptrap is in need of repair. Find a toolbox and fix him up. He’s just a little wee one. What harm could he do?"

Characters - new and old

Blake (new character)
General knoxx-trap
Commandant Steele-trap
Undead Ned-trap
interplanetry ninja Assasin


10 mentioned in the file which is named as telport outposts which indicates for the first time we may have fast travel in a dlc

Dividing Faults
Hyperion Dump Entrance
Mine Cart
Sanders Gorge
Scortched Snake Canyon Entrance
Scortched Snake Canyon Exit
Tannis Outpost
Tartarus Station
Train Station
Wayward Pass

I am really hoping that they fix the scaling issue from the last DLC

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I haven't finished Armory, but I found the difficulty just fine, even a tad easy if you farmed New Haven a bit on PT2 and did the zombie DLC.

Moxxie's is fucking stupid though. No save points for 3-4+ hours of constant arena solo, and you start over if you die? Fuck that. :noway:

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Moxxie's is fucking stupid though. No save points for 3-4+ hours of constant arena solo, and you start over if you die? Fuck that. :noway:
Agreed. We made it through Zombie Island only to find out what a joke Moxxie was. Still got armory to do when I get some free time this winter.

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And it is official
ClapTrap's Robot Revolution coming to Borderlands- Destructoid

2K Games has announced a brand new add-on pack to the hit FPS RPG Borderlands. It's called ClapTrap's Robot Revolution, and it charges players with the task of taking down a rebellious robot known as the Ninja Assassin. An army of ClapTraps wages war against the Hyperion Corporation, and players are stuck in the middle.

Twenty new missions will be included in the DLC, along with new robot-flavored enemies including Crab-traps, Skag-traps and Raak-traps. Ten more skill points can be earned and players can nab an extra three backtrap slots for extra loot carrying fun.

Robot Revolution will hit PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 this September, where it'll cost $9.99.
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