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Bose Companion 5

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Just picked these up with Marriott points. :metal:

Reviews seem pretty solid, so here's hopin' they don't suck!

I'll tell you in two weeks, since they apparently ship them via carrier pigeon. :lol:

Order Date Order # Items in Order Status
5/21/2010 Bose Companion 5 PROCESSING ORDER -
Expected Delivery Date: 06-11-2010
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I've been wanting to grab a set of those for ages! You'll have to let me know how they sound! I don't see the point for 7.1 or 5.1 on a pc when I'm sat at a desk with only room for 2 speakers :lol: I'll use some headphones if I wanna scare myself shitless playing games, that's what the X-fi Fatal1ty is for :lol: And hey, don't knock the carrier pigeon, it's faster than transferring a 2gb file if you're South African!
I hope they don't suck for your sake. Bill (pops) has a saying when it comes to Bose. Buy Other Sound Equipment :)
Bose stuff is all really decent. I've got a set of Bose headphones that sound really good, though there's a design flaw that caused them to break structurally, they still function thanks to some well placed tape :lol: (I got them for free, so I don't give a shit :lol: )

My only problem with Bose is that they're not as good as they claim to be (since they claim to be "the best" and there's a lot of stuff as good or better out there) and they're a bit overpriced compared to similar quality products from other companies. But since it sounds like you didn't pay for them, you should be quite pleased :yesway:
I love their headphones and home audio gear. I have the Companion 2's right now and they're great at low volume, but not so much up high. The 5's were basically free, so I figure why the hell not.
Can't argue with free. I've never been a fan of bose, I prefer to listen to music on my monitors. Not the best for listening but I've always been more of a fan of accuracy than listenability.
I hope they don't suck for your sake. Bill (pops) has a saying when it comes to Bose. Buy Other Sound Equipment :)
The thing with Bose is their market niche is small, compact sound systems that sound quiet a bit bigger than they actually are. As long as you know you're paying a premium for compactness and are OK with that, they make sense. If, however, your focus is on quality of sound, size and appearance be damned, there are other more cost-effective alternatives out there.
The Wave radio is indeed pretty damn awesome. Still overpriced, but it does kick ass.
^ Drew's post sums it up well :agreed: I love the sound of my Bose headphones. Are my AKGs better sounding (for about the same price)? Yeah, but they're bigger and bulkier and less portable.
Hopefully they at least suck less than the Companion 2s.
Hopefully they at least suck less than the Companion 2s.
Exactly. The 2's suck. They're fine at like, conversation volume, but any real volume thrown at them and they completely go to hell. :noway:
Yeah, I remember you mentioning that when you were talking me out of getting the Companion 3s. It's a pretty shameful oversight.
They showed up today.

:yesway: Pros: Damn loud, shit-tons of bass, sound a bajillion times better than the companion 2's. Subwoofer makes a perfecto footrest.

:noway: Cons: No remote sub control, knob is on the back of the sub, on the floor. (wtf?)

I was on the fence about just eBaying them since they were essentially free, but they sound great, and the speakers are removable from the stands so I can mount 'em on the wall, which means more desk space.

I dig. Wouldn't buy them retail, though. I don't think they're much better (if any) than most of the logitech/etc brands I've tried that are half the price.
Sounds like what I'd expect from Bose. I love my Bose headphones I got for free, but the quality of these (retail $200) headphones is about on par with Sennheisers at half the price.
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