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Epiphone Les Paul Muse/Boss Katana 50, Gretsch Electromatic bass/Behringer BXL3000
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I just received a used ME-80 I bought from MF. The expression pedal falls flat when you let go. Is it supposed to do this or is it worn out? I'd rather buy a new one if this is not it's default behavior.
I have a Digitech multi-FX pedal and when you press the heel of the exp pedal down, it stays down when you let go, but the Boss pedal falls back to toe-down position when you let go.
So: on a NEW ME-80, would the pedal do the same, or would it stay heel-down when you let go?
It wouldn't be the first time MF/GC sold me defective/damaged gear. They've sold me 3 very back-bowed guitars! (1 electric used, 1 elec bass new, & 1 acoustic bass new)
I would really appreciate getting feedback on this before my return window is over. If the pedal is shot I will return it & buy a new one from a different retailer.
Thank you!
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