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Went to see him last night and he was in great form.

That guy can really play and his singing is still very good for a guy who has got to be in his 70s. Scratch that if a guy in his 20s played and sang like that he should be a legend.

His playing is excellent... fast little riffs, awesome bends, cool one handed hammer ons/pull offs, great dramatic sustained notes.

He played a BB King song with plenty of vibrato, a Hendrix tune complete with playing with his "teeth"

Threw a bit of shade at Clapton..... he went through and played guitar like a bunch of blues legends and when he gets to Clapton he plays a super soft weak riff..... later on he plays a Cream riff behind his back.... and he said something to the effect of "ask Clapton to play like me"

Show was a lot funnier than I thought it would be as he has a great sense of humour. A lot more f bombs than I expected.

That guy has charisma to boot and his band is talented. Wasn't expecting the back up player to whip out some tap and hammer stuff during his own solo but it fit.

You left the show feeling good as Buddy had a few things to say about world peace and what's important in life. "The person you hate may one day be the person you need help from"
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