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Bulletstorm | Epic Games| EA

By the Gears of War team. Damn, there are so many good games coming out this summer. :metal:

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Gameplay video here. Holy fuck, does this look awesome.

4 Barrel shotgun? Lightning tether? Post-apocalyptic setting? Duke-esque shit talking? Yes, yes and yes. :metal:

Bulletstorm Video Game, GC 10: Presentation Walkthrough | Video Clip | Game Trailers & Videos |

And new trailer:

:lol: They actually say "Son of a dick, pull up your skirt and strap that dildo on!"
Definitely grabbing the demo tonight. I have high hopes for this game, in the most nerdy, MUST HAVE MORE BULLETS way ever.
I saw it at Best Buy today, but they only had the Elite (or something) edition for $60. I figure I'll wait tow weeks and snag it on the 'bay for somewhere in the 30's.
Game is pretty fun. Juvenile as hell, I love it. :lol:

Actual dialog:

Damsel in distress: You motherfuckers give chase, and I'll kill your dicks!
You: What? What does that even mean? You're gonna kill my dick?
You: ...
You: I'll kill your dick too! How about that, huh?
Your partner: Speaking of dick killing parties..

You: "Man, we've spent half this trip swimming"
Chick: "Yet you still reek like sun-baked asshole."
You: "What a coincidence, that's the name of Ishi's cologne."
The reviews I'm reading say it's more of a rental than a purchase tho. Looks fun, but I'm not spending over $30 on it.
I'd say that's pretty spot on. I'm intentionally not using the online activation code to make it easier to eBay. There are a ton of good, juvenile chuckles in it, and the combat is a lot of fun but I don't see it having much/any replay value.
I'm about another 2 hours into it from my last post, and I actually my do a second PT on it. The dialog makes this game. I know some critics will pan it for it, but I know that 3/4 of the memberbase here (especially you, Vince) will love it. :lol:

For example, I just hopped into a helicopter, and my character says to the guy he's shooting: "Take a lick on the salty taint of doom". :lol:
...And again. :lol: You're descending an elevator into the unknown:

You: "Hmm, what resides down here?"
Guy with you: "Yeah! Big-tittie blowjob models with yellow fever.... How the fuck should I know?"
:rofl: Chris. I picked this up this past weekend. Some of the comments...such childish responses....but I love it.
Seriously. :lol: I've actually laughed out loud like two dozen times so far. I just got to part where some enemies are running away, and the dude with you says "Oh, your mother must be giving out mouthjobs".

I don't care if it's 13-year old humor, I think it's fuckin' great. :D

Edit: And the same character just called Ishi and I "Shit Whistlers". :rofl:
Finished it. :yesway:

Great game, not the best FPS I've played but it's certainly a lot of fun. The dialog totally makes it - it's kind of like the A-Team movie. Cheesy, yes, but hilarious, and just a good time to play through.

It is, however, a bit on the short side. When I got to the last chapter and realized that the story was coming to and end, I felt like I should be at about the halfway point, maybe a little further.

Still - worth buying once it hits the $30 mark, absolutely. You could probably rent it and smoke through it in a weekend as well. I don't care about the online part, so I can't comment on it, but the rest - the combat system, the graphics, the gameplay and the story are damn good. With a few improvements, I think that if they make a sequel it'll be a hell of a game.
IF? :rofl: ;)
Well, if it starts getting shit on in reviews, I assume they won't. :lol:
Awesome game is awesome. :yesway:
You're going to get your dick killed.
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