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Hates Richie Kotzen
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Well there's something I really want currently being sold on ebay and I am frantically trying to raise a bit more capital before the end of the week. I usually am in a constant process of pruning my CD collection by listing on ebay, but that takes forever and if I had known I wanted to raise a large amount of capital before the end of the week I would have listed them Sunday night, but I missed out. And no, I'm not selling any of these cause the music sucks (well except Black Rain :lol:), mostly because I got a better issuing (usually one of the crazy german SPV/Steamhammer ones with huge amounts of bonus tracks) and I don't like having multiple versions of CDs on my shelf.

Anyways, make me an offer on any combination of things (I hope its OK if I don't list individual prices? I'm not expecting over $5 on anything. :lol:) If you need more references than my itrader here let me know. If you need pictures let me know. Everything is in good condition except for a couple of jewel case cracks from when Amazon saw fit to ship me something in a paper envelope :lol: (I have specified that in every instance).

Alright, the list...

Helloween – Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part II
Deep Purple – The House of Blue Light (slightly cracked jewel case)
Iron Maiden – Live After Death
Helloween – The Time Of The Oath
Uriah Heep – Look at Yourself
Dokken – Tooth and Nail
Deep Purple – Burn
Spinal Tap – Break Like The Wind
Gamma Ray – Heading For Tomorrow
Savatage – Streets
Ozzy Osbourne – Black Rain (Tour 2 Disc Edition)
Dio – The Last in Line
Yngwie Malmsteen – Rising Force
Heaven and Hell – Live from Radio City Music Hall
Savatage – Gutter Ballet
Iron Maiden – Rock In Rio (CD)
Iron Maiden – Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg single (British import – B side is a live BBC version of Hallowed be thy name)
Savatage – Dead Winter Dead
Savatage – The Wake Of Magellan
Savatage – Edge Of Thorns
Heaven and Hell – The Devil You Know
Helloween – Keeper of The Seven Keys Part 1
Yes – 90125

These are all the common US issuings of the albums you would find if you bought it off Amazon. Make me an offer on anything!

Hates Richie Kotzen
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I'm currently at about $600 right now for capital I could comfortably spend. So depending on how much I figure I need for this item I might start selling other easily replacable parts of my collection (Pickups, SM57, interface, etc.) :lol:

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How much do you want for all the Priest, Motorhead and the 1 Tyr? If I counted right that's 20 discs. PM me please :)
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