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1993 Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream -

Man, reading that, two things jumped out at me.

1.) sometimes, it's tough to appreciate just how good we have it, in the digital era, if you've never known anything else. Reading them talk about making 200-something edits to one song to change it from 141 to 145, or spending all that time wrestling with phase-alignment of mic position (when a simple click and drag in the mix to fix it after the fact is almost as effective) makes me feel like I don't deserve to call recording a hobby of mine because what I'm doing today is so much easier than what you'd have to do even 17 years ago.

2.) It's always bugged me that I'd go to record the melody for one of my songs, and sometimes end up taking more takes doing that than recording the solos because I was so fixated on making every last nuance perfect - like I was less of a guitarist because I couldn't just rip off one of my own songs and get it exactly the way I wanted that first try. It's kind of reassuring to hear that I'm evidently not alone.
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