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I'm ready to commit to Fuji, so my Canon stuff has to go. So far it's just the 70D and Sigma - someone else has called dibs on the 50 1.4, so I'm not sure if I'll be posting that yet.

The camera's mint. It's seen some weddings and has about 5000 clicks on the shutter, but I've taken care of it. Bought it in March of this year. Comes with all the original stuff (box, DVDs, strap, etc) and an extra battery ($119 here in Canada). Asking $1100 CAD OBO for the body and batteries.

The lens is also mint. I bought it a few months ago. Also comes with the original packaging, pouch, and lens hood. This one has a constant 2.8 aperture, image stabilization, and the silent HSM motor. Asking $450 OBO for this one.

I'm in Sarnia, ON (about an hour between London and Detroit). I don't mind shipping, but I'd prefer to drive a couple hours than ship. For references, there's my iTrader on SSO, and my ebay user is reallyshouldntbedoingthis. I'd like to keep these two together if possible.

Cell phone pics:

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